Monday, 26 December 2016

Organic farming promotion in India

S Shouri Reddy, executive director of Bala Vikasa, a non-profit organisation, based at Kazipet, has turned 4.5 acres of his own barren land into a fertile organic mini farm - to encourage others to follow his lead.
organic fruit farming India

The NGO that he organises is promoting rural development, and the ability to make a profit sustainably, with minimal input costs, is ideal for this area.

"There are 16 varieties of mangoes, four types of guava, three types of Sapota, three varieties of cherry and many more exotic fruit-bearing plants. We can also find coffee, star fruit, litchi, miracle fruit, Indian fig, passion fruit, dragon fruit, grape fruit etc., at the farm."

“I am planning to increase the number of the fruit plants to 100,” Shouri Reddy said, adding that Bala Vikasa was maintaining seven demo organic farms in the erstwhile Warangal district.

Already, more than 650 farmers from 22 villages in the Warangal district have undertaken organic farming principles.

Organising marketing in Hyderabad and Warangal is the next goal.


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